Professional Activities

November 10, 2018 - Presented a workshop "The Invisible Crisis: Eating Disorders Among Asian American Women" at the 28th Annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference

June 13, 2018 - Presented a workshop titled "Multicultural Perspectives on Eating Disorders and Body Image" at the Pennsylvania Psychological Association Annual Convention


“Multicultural Perspectives on Eating Disorders” - New Jersey Counseling Association Annual Conference, Lincroft, NJ (May 6, 2017)


“Girls to Women: A Multicultural Celebration, Honoring Women’s Sacred Journey Through a Multicultural Lens”- Hue-Sun Ahn, Ph.D., Kani Ilangovan, MD, Maria del Carmen Rodriguez, Ph.D., Joyce Williams, M.A. New Jersey Association of Multicultural Counseling Annual Conference, West Windsor, NJ (October 23, 2015)


“Understanding Body Image and Eating Disorders among Asian American Clients”, Annual American College Counseling Association Conference, San Antonio, TX (October 3, 2014) 

“Utilization of Personal Stories as a Means to Cultural CompetenceHue-Sun Ahn, Ph.D., Jeffrey Sternlieb, Ph.D., Margarita Saenz, M.A. 2014 Pennsylvania Psychological Association Annual Convention, Harrisburg, PA (June 21, 2014)


“Underserved Populations: Risk Factors, Protective Factors and Implications for Culturally Competent Care” – Hue-Sun Ahn, Ph.D. & Ioana Boie, Ph.D. 2012 National Eating Disorders Association Conference, St. Petersburg, FL (October 13, 2012)


"Listening to Our Clients: Ethical Practice is Multicultural Practice” Eleonora Bartoli, Ph.D. and Hue-Sun Ahn, Ph.D.

2011 Annual Convention of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, Harrisburg, PA (June 16, 2011)


“Eating Disorders among Asian Americans: The Invisible Crisis” 2010 Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association National Conference, Baltimore, MD (October 16, 2010)


“Infusing Group Therapy Programs in University Counseling Centers with Multiculturalism: Challenges and Triumphs” – Scott Stephens, Ph.D., Hue-Sun Ahn, Ph.D., Kristen Davis-John, Ph.D., Pejcharat Harvey, Ph.D.

2010 American Group Psychotherapy Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA (February 25, 2010)


“Children of God: Emotional Health for Korean American Youth” Bethany United Methodist Church, Wayne, NJ (March 15, 2009)