"Hue-Sun gave me the tools necessary to successfully manage  two major issues in my life.  She is passionate about her work and was like a friend I could confide in.  I am grateful for the help she gave me."

                                                                                                         - T.C


"In college, I was going through several adjustments in life in which I was feeling overwhelmed.  I was finishing up my education and worried about what the future would hold; a tight membership group of which I was a part for several years had disbanded; and an ever-growing sense of inadequacy was all putting me in a confused state of depression.  Hue-Sun worked with me to challenge my fears and re-examine my trepidations to help me discover new paths in life which, in turn, gave me fundamental skills to manage my inner self as I moved beyond college.  I firmly believe that the counseling which Hue-Sun provided helped lay the groundwork for the stronger sense of self I have today."


"My father passed away right before I started college and, needless to say, I started college feeling very sad and depressed. I sought out counseling, and thank goodness Dr. Ahn was there! Growing up I was told that it was a taboo to talk to other people about your problems, so it was hard for me to open up initially, but I quickly learned to confide in Dr. Ahn. She is extremely warm, caring, supportive, resourceful and professional. Her office was a safe place for me to divulge personal information and to cry when needed. She shared with me many helpful coping skills and also recommended bereavement groups and transition to college groups.  I truly feel grateful and privileged to have been Dr. Ahn's client during my undergraduate years."